1. Improve the employability and marketability of UUM graduates.

CUIC never stop believing the strength of UUM to go global to experience and share ideas with international friends. We triple our efforts to gain and maximize our resources to turn their dream into reality. Keeping them in mind, we extend our contacts beyond local network where we interact, share and exchange best practices and ideas across the globe to pave way the way forward for our graduating students.

2. Enhance business and corporate viability through research and development.

Being the management university, it provides us greater opportunity companies/organisation with our experts from multidiscipline which make us distinct to other centres of excellence. Ranging from communication and modern languages to cognitive science and education, our research fellows are always accommodative to clients’ needs and interests.

3. Transfer knowledge from university to industry/community and vice versa.

We communicate with companies to identify problems that are potential be addressed systematically so that we could improve their businesses as well as their profits . We build sustainable relationship alongside our knowledge experts and availability of interns.  

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Industry Centre of Excellence was introduced by Ministry of Education (MOE) with the objectives of enhancing relationship between universities and industries to realize their existence objectives.

This will help them develop human capital according to the respective needs and current surrounding and increase their effort in the areas of research, development and commercialization.

Each ICoE is led by Anchor Company which provide manpower projection (executive & non-executive level) as well as specify skills and criteria with the assistance of their eco system’s manpower requirement.

On the other hand,  lead university plays its role by providing experts/specialist and training infra as well as provide students from internal or other higher learning institute to meet up the requirement by industries.

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)  currently  heads  3  ICoE’s as follows:


 Wholesale & Retail   
  • MYDIN Mohamed Holding Berhad
  • Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA)
 Hospitality & Tourism   
  • MKLAND Berhad
  • EMKAY Group
  • Tan Chong Group
  • Mayflower Acme Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd
  • Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd
 Financial Services  
  • PriceWaterHouseCooper (PWC)
  • Delloite Malaysia
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional
  • Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri
  • OCBC Bank
  • Ambank Group




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W3C Disability Access

UUM Web site to provide access to persons with disabilities (PWDs) / Disability Access. This is in accordance with the objectives of the W3C Web Accessibility (WAI) in which the website is accessible to persons with disabilities (PWDs) with appropriate facilities.

1. Text readers - Application that can be used is IE Page Reader. Get IE Page Reader here. You must download MS Speech API before you can use this component. If you are using Windows 2000, chances are you have your system components. You also need at least one Speech engine. Speech engine is a "voice" of a man or woman who can speak English or other languages. For further instructions use this component, please click here.

2. Transformer the size of text - UUM website provides different text sizes. The text size option can be achieved in the upper right side of the UUM Web Site. Users may opt to choose the text size larger or smaller according to their suitability.

3. Color Converter - This page also provides access to their choice of colours for blindness problems. There are three color choices of red, blue and orange.