I. Provide a database of organisations that offer practicum placement;
II. Identify new organisations that have potential to offer practicum placements;
III. Manage practicum placements;

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a. Introduction

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) introduces practicum as a program that provides a platform for students to undergo effective enhancement skills training in some selected organizations for an agreed period. Through this “on-the-job” training, students will have the opportunity to learn the real work and to receive practical experience in order to enhance their employability (marketability) upon graduation. There are three types of practicum program offered by CUIC.

Local Practicum Program

UUM students are arranged to be placed at some selected companies in Malaysia. Students are the final year students and they are compulsory to undergo for 4 months or 6 months training at the attached companies (except for Law Degree (Honors).

International Practicum Program

This program is designed to assist students who are keen to experience international working experience. CUIC will place students to companies or universities overseas which have special agreements with us.

CUIC plays an important role to assist our international universities partners worldwide to place their students in Malaysia through this program. International students not only gain valuable insight into the Malaysian business practices, they also immerse themselves into the local society, culture and ethics.

*All international students outside Malaysia are advised to get working permit to qualify for practicum in Malaysia.

b. Practicum should

Be a structured learning experience designed by a host company to students.
Provides opportunities for students to apply classroom knowledge in a real world experience.
Encourage students to develop and refine skills that are transferable to a variety of work settings suitable with their level of education.
Provides supervision/feedback especially from a professional at the company.

c. Practicum should NOT be

A platform for a company to get “cheap labour” for treating students as primarily clerical or unskilled labour.
A vague, undefined experienced and non-enhancement have been achieved from the current knowledge or skills.
An unguided or unsupervised training. Students should not be mostly independent without any supervision from the company.

d. Benefit to Business

CUIC would like to invite industry partners to consider the many benefits of welcoming well-educated and highly motivated students (Malaysian or International students) in your enterprise. Your staff will have experience to lead the youngsters and have to learn new ideas, and novel, "outside-the-box" thinking with the young members of your work team.

e. Who are the interns?

All UUM interns are the final year students (except for Law Degree (Honour)). They are ready to be employed upon completion of their practicum. In general, our students are fit for businesses and administrations.

f. Practicum Session

UUM have two batches of students for practicum in a year: February and July. For International students, the placement is subjected to the availability of students and practicum guidelines of the participated partner universities

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