CUIC is  one of University’s Centres of Excellence (U-CoE) in UUM. We have been years managing practicum placements for students locally and internationally since our establishment date. Students employability is our main concern. We strive to place our students in industries relevant to their studies.  This is simply to ensure the students are guided effectively and to increase their marketability upon completing practicum program. Moreover, schools and departments in UUM get the database of industry linkages via our Practicum System (SISPR) for their specific interests that will give benefit to University.

Besides, CUIC strategically bridges the industry practitioners and academia  through workshops, talks and forums. The collaborations enable industry practitioners and academia to share their knowledge, expertise,  current practices  as well as resources technology adopted by both parties. We also have been continuously assisting the administrative as well as academic staff in finding suitable and relevant industry for attachment program known as LISU .